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Roosevelt Reporter 10/7/21
Posted 10/11/21

Roosevelt Reporter - October 7, 2021


  • Note from Matt
  • PTA News
  • Weekly COVID Testing Continues on Tuesday, Oct. 12
  • LAST CALL! - Chili Cook-Off Auction Ends on Sunday, Oct. 10
  • Roosevelt Fundraiser at Bonne Sante on Friday, Oct. 15
  • $ave 5% Of Your Roosevelt Yearbook in October
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Peninsula Girls Chorus - Auditions on Oct. 23
  • BCEBoost Fall Drive is Underway!
  • District & Community Flyers

Upcoming Calendar Reminders

Chili Cook-Off Auction ends on Sunday, Oct. 10 @ 9 pm

Monday, Oct. 11 - Teacher Professional Day - NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, Oct. 12 - Pick up weekly COVID test in class.
Wednesday, Oct. 13 - Return weekly COVID test in class.
Friday, Oct. 15 - Roosevelt Fundraiser at Bonne Sante

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Note from Matt

Happy October! We have a lot of key issues to go over, so I’ll just get into it.

Cold and Flu Season- We are starting to see an uptick in students getting colds.  This is not at all surprising.  Being away from school during this time last year, and having to deal with something like COVID-19, we have to remember that one of the things that often happens in our schools is that kids get sick.  

With the seriousness we have taken with COVID measures, questions arise as to what to do if your child comes down with a cough, or a runny nose. Here are a few quick guidelines.

First, always keep a student with a fever or nausea home.  If a child has a fever or has thrown up, they do not belong at school. Once the student is free from these symptoms for 24 hours, they can come back to school. 

With minor cold symptoms, we will rely on the judgement of the parent.  At the site, we want our students to be as healthy as possible. Keeping them home out of precaution and extra day will, in the long run, be best for your child and for the school. 

In all these cases, I would highly recommend having your child take a COVID test.  I have been so touched by the consideration of our parent community being so willing to test their children when we have asked.  It has added to a sense of security during these times when we are hoping to begin lifting some restrictions. 

Lastly, I would ask that we remain vigilant outside of school.  We are fortunate to live in a community that is very, very safe. This comes from how responsible everyone has been.  But as the numbers decline, we must stay committed to staying safe. Please try to remain masked when possible - especially when going to any indoor gatherings. 

We are so close to vaccines being available for the younger children and we’re really moving forward from this two-year stretch.  I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it should only take us a few more disciplined steps to get to where we want to be. 

Halloween-  Even though Halloween lands on a Sunday this year, we will be celebrating at Roosevelt Friday, Oct. 29. at 9 a.m. with some restrictions. 

To make sure we remain safe, BSD Schools agreed on a few regulations. 

  1. Costume Walk- We will have our costume walk as usual on the blacktop of the yard.  The students will come out in classes, but be staggered.  Parents and visitors will not be allowed on to the yard, however they can watch the parade from the comfort of their homes. A live stream link will be sent out that day. 
  2. Costumes- Can be worn to school. Please do not bring any weapons (even plastic ones). 
  3. Inflatable Costumes- Will not be allowed this year.  The fans in the costumes have been shown to spread the COVID-19 virus. 
  4. Parties- Will be hosted by teachers in their classrooms.
  5. Food- Will be bagged and sent home rather than eaten in the classroom.  This may also be an occasion when the parties do not include food. 

The staff and I are striving to still capture the spirit of the celebration and provide all the fun and cuteness you as parents and students long for. I believe we have set up a good plan for this year. 

Changes in Protocols- October 6 marked six weeks into the school year.  This was a significant date that I was watching and hoping would arrive finding us doing as well as we are now. The numbers across the county have continued to go down, and while a few of our students have tested positive for the virus, we have avoided classroom spread and our kids have been remarkably healthy, with those children who were positive returning to school once they were healthy.

As promised, we have reviewed the protocols. While there won’t be any dramatic changes, we did make a couple that will go into effect Monday and make the students very happy. 

  1. Cohorts at recess- We will no longer separate into cohorts at recess or the play portion of lunch.  Students will remain masked at recess, but will be allowed to play at any outside play area they choose, with whomever they choose.
  2. Morning Gate- Students will still be allowed on campus at 8:20 a.m., but will now be allowed to play on the yard until the 8:30 a.m. bell rings. If it does rain, we will follow the old protocol and go straight to class.  For now, on our dry days, we will be in the yard from 8:20-8:30 a.m. where a teacher will monitor them. 
  3. Lunch- Rather than two students per table at lunch we will open it up to 3.  Seating will be marked with tape. 

Everything else will remain at least until January.  We will still be in masks in and out of the classrooms, we will still have our in-class distance where possible and continue all our cleaning procedures. Vaccines look to be on the horizon and my hope is that as we all get vaccinated, the numbers will remain safe and we will be able to pull off all of our restrictions. If we have to make any changes back to more restrictive protocols, of course we will do so. 

Thank you for all of your attention and concern around these issues.  I look forward to the day when these Reporters aren’t about sickness and restrictions.  We will get there, and probably get there sooner than we think.

It was a great week at Roosevelt.



PTA News

Hello Roosevelt Families!

Help us reach our fundraising target of $50,000!

We can feel the excitement as the Roosevelt community actively participates in the CCO Auction. We are making good progress towards achieving our goal. As of this morning, we have raised $33K, about 65% of our target.  We know together we can meet our target of $50K! 

Thank you to all those that have already supported the auction. If you have not checked out the CCO Auction site, please go there now. You don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity to attend parent or kid parties to experience and feel the true Roosevelt community, fund a need that makes Roosevelt a distinguished school like the Science Olympiad, bid to your heart's content for delicious meals and much more!  

Continuing Weekly COVID Testing

We have just completed our fourth week of the weekly COVID testing with kits being distributed in class and are seeing consistent participation of about ~60-65% of the students. Thank you to all those families participating in this program to keep our community safe. Thank you to all the teachers for being a critical part of the program. While it is not mandatory, we encourage everyone to participate. Remember there is no cost to families. If you would like to volunteer to help with this weekly COVID testing program (e.g. assembling kits, shipping and coordination, please contact Meredith Dunn or Amy Chen. For more details please go to the COVID testing section of this Reporter. 


Amy Chen & Jed Clevenger
Co-Presidents, Roosevelt PTA

Join the PTA today! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

*WEEKLY* COVID Testing Continues on Tuesday, Oct. 12!

Weekly COVID testing continues! However, because of the teacher instructional day on Monday, Oct. 11, next week's test kits will be handed out in class on Tuesday and returned in class on Wednesday mornings. Big thanks to our Roosevelt teachers and staff for helping to make testing part of our regular routine!

Important reminders (please also see this video overview)

If you are a returning test taker:

  1. Login to the Ambry portal (Form 3) and click the "New Test" button. Please fill out the health and COVID exposure questionnaire.
  2. After completing the questionnaire, click on "Register Kit" and enter the sample tube's barcode number and the date of the test.

If you are a first time test taker:

  1. Please fill out Form 1 (Test Authorization) and Form 2 (HIPAA Authorization) for each child.
  2. Please set up an account for each child at the Ambry testing portal here (use your student's school email address ( for the login).
  3. Once you create an account, login to the Ambry portal (Form 3) and click the "New Test" button. Please fill out the health and COVID exposure questionnaire.
  4. After completing the questionnaire, click on "Register Kit" and enter the sample tube's barcode number and the date of the test.
  • 關於本校區 免費提供 COVID-19 檢疫方案有疑問或需協助者,歡迎聯係 Cindy Lin 林 (前PTA President/家長教師協會會長).
  • Eger COVID testi aciklamasini anlama ile ilgili Türkçe olarak yard?ma ihtiyac?n?z varsa a email atabilirsiniz. 
  • COVID 테스트에 관한 정보를 한국어로 받기를 원하시면, 으로 이메일 주세요

LAST CALL! - Chili Cook Off Auction

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the auction this week! We have ONE LAST PUSH until Sunday, Oct 10 at 9 pm to get us to our goal! If we make our $50,000 goal with the auction we won’t need to do any more parent fundraising for the rest of the year. Whew!

You don’t need to buy or bid on anything to support Roosevelt. You can donate directly to Roosevelt through the auction site with Fund-a-Need. Go to the “Experiences- Art - Fund a Need” tab and you can donate at a level you’re comfortable with by “purchasing” items like library books, Science Olympiad kits, field trips, and even contribute to the new digital marquee! All of this money goes straight to enriching our students’ educations. 

The grade level cocktail parties are an excellent way to meet and re-connect with other parents. Don’t forget to buy tickets for those!

Here’s the link:

Calling All Sandwich Lovers - Roosevelt Fundraiser @ Bonne Sante!

On Friday, Oct.15 from 5 - 8 pm, please support Roosevelt by ordering food from Bonne Sante, a nearby sandwich shop at 1431 Broadway owned by a Roosevelt alum family. Bonne Sante will donate 20% of all proceeds to Roosevelt. Please be sure to indicate your order is associated with Roosevelt when placing your order. Bonne Sante's menu can be found here.

Phone-in (650-343-2076) and walk-in orders accepted. Online orders placed through DoorDash, GrubHub, etc. will not be eligible for the fundraiser.

$AVE 5% off your Roosevelt School Yearbook in October!

It's not too early to think about buying your yearbook now! Order by Oct. 31 to get 5% OFF.

If you are a returning family, please log into your TreeRing account to take advantage of this discount. Go to your account, Kid Settings and select your child(ren) and change to the current grade and teacher.

New to Roosevelt? Create a new account at and enter the Roosevelt School Passcode: 1012832080974827

  • Each yearbook is $25 including tax and free shipping to the school.
  • Add photos from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive & more.
  • Answer fun Memory Questions to help remember the year.
  • The 2 Custom Pages are FREE and are printed ONLY in your book.

Thank you for supporting the Roosevelt PTA!

Questions? Please contact Monica MacMillan ( and Penny Crespo (, Co-Yearbook Editors

Diversity & Inclusion - Heritage Month Celebration

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic American Heritage Month

"We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who have inspired others to achieve success."

To learn more about National Hispanic Heritage Month, check out these websites:

Suggestions or Questions? Contact Cindy L

Peninsula Girls Chorus - Auditions on Oct. 23

Founded in 1994, the award-winning Peninsula Girls Chorus serves girls ages 6-18 from across the SF Bay Area and is located at 1443 Howard Avenue, Burlingame. The PGC is proud to be transforming the lives of young women through the power of choral music. You can register here for an audition on October 23, 2021

BCEBoost Fall Drive is Underway

It’s time to donate during the BCEBoost Fall Drive! Your investment helps fund teacher salaries and critical programs to ensure your student has every opportunity for a bright future.

In addition, boost your BCE donation with these generous challenge grants from two BCE Fall Drive sponsors:

  • Grupology $10,000 Challenge Grant - Become a NEW Scholars Circle Donor ($3,000+ donation): If 20 families contribute at the Scholars Circle level for the first time this year by October 7, Grupology will donate $10,000 to BCE!
    (Monthly giving of $300 or more also counts!)
  • Current BCE Board Member, $7,500 Challenge Grant - Donate At ANY Level: If 100 families contribute at ANY level to BCE by October 7, an anonymous BCE Board member will donate $7,500 to BCE!

Every dollar you invest in BCE directly funds an exceptional education for every child in our district. Donors that contribute any amount receive a BCEBoost lawn sign (while supplies last) to join the community in a show of support for our schools. You can track our progress of reaching our 1,000 family goal on our website. Please join your fellow parents and Give TODAY!

District & Community Flyers

  • Dia De Los Muertos Face Painting (Thursday, Oct. 28 @ 4 pm)
    • Join us for Dia De Los Muertos Face Painting for Tweens (Grades 4th-6th). A step-by-step class to learn how to apply the paint, blending, brush strokes, and learn a Dia De Los Muertos design for your own face! Please see this brochure and this link for more information and to register.
  • Booktober @ Burlingame Public Library
    • During the month of October, play Spooky Bingo to win book prizes. Bingo sheets must be turned in to the Main Library or Easton Branch by Oct. 30.
    • Trick-or-Treat for a Book: Main Library on Oct. 29 or 30; Easton Branch on Oct. 30.
  • Free Community Chess with Grupology (Thursdays @ 3 - 5 pm)
    • All levels welcome! We’ll provide beginner instruction for
      those new to the game and match players based on skill
      or rating level for those experienced with chess. Please see this brochure and this link to register.
  • Virtual Homework Center @ Burlingame Public Library
    • BPL welcomes K-8 students to be paired with a Teen Mentor (with a 3.5+ GPA) for help with reading, writing, science, math, and languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, French, Turkish, and Tamil. Please see this brochure and this link for more information and to register.
  • Food & Fiction (Thu., Oct. 21 @ 4 pm)
  • Burlingame Parks & Recreation - Fall Activity Guide
  • BCE’s Annual Gala and Auction at Domenico Winery (Saturday, April 16, 2022)